This Is How Much Walking You Really Need to Lose Weight


 Lose Weight by walking
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One of the best ways to lose weight nowadays is walking. You can actually lose one pound a week depending on how often you walk. It is with walking that you can lose 20 pounds in five months without the need of going to the gym or having a diet. You will be able to tone the muscles and improve your health while at the same time you will lose weight.

How to Lose Weight by Walking

You can burn many calories by walking. You normally have to do it with the speed of 4 miles per hour (regular speed) and you will burn 400 calories per hour.

But, you do not have to only do 4 miles a day, you can walk plus 3 miles and burn 300 extra calories daily. Just walk a shorter distance and combine with the schedule. There is a device called pedometer which can help you burn extra calories while walking.

Pedometers and Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight while walking, you need to buy a pedometer or a wristband to help you with it. A pedometer is a gadget that you can put on your outfit close to the hip region. It is not heavy at all, and it can offer many advantages. What you have to take care is checking the number of steps you will take while you work out.

If you want to discover how many miles you need to walk to lose weight, you need to also discover how many are you covering currently. This way, you can expand your steps. Thus, if you take 8,000 steps currently and you are still keeping the weight, then you will need to expand your daily distance to get thinner.

How Many Steps to Take to Lose Weight?

One average person needs 2,000 steps to lose weight. You lose 100 calories per mile. The pedometer will keep track of the steps, calories, and miles a day. So, you can add steps to your daily routine.

  • 1 Mile = 2.000 steps and 100 calories burned
  • 1 Pound = 3.500 calories
  • Loss 1 Pound weight per week = 500 calories daily.
  • You need to take 10.000 steps daily to lose 1 pound per week.

This is how you can fit your walking on a busy day:

  • Get off the bus and walk all the way home.
  • Park your car away from your destination and walk the distance.
  • You can also walk to the station instead of taking a bus or your car.
  • Do not use the lift, use the stairs instead.
  • Walk your kids to school.

How to Keep It Interesting

  • Switch things around because walking can sometimes be boring.
  • Walk in different areas, parks, neighborhoods, or just listen to some music to motivate you and energize you.
  • Do not stop with your walking because of weather. Just buy a treadmill and put it in front of the TV or window. You can enjoy in nature like this as well.
  • You can invite a friend or someone to join you. It would be a nice way to mix up your routine. You can be bored with the same one.
  • Keep things interesting with your routine.

Walking Style

We all know how to walk, however, when we are walking for exercise you need to focus your eyes 100 feet forward, keep the chin up, squeeze your glutes and pull in the abdomen towards the spine. This walking style will help you get the maximum from your workout.

How Often to Walk

Before you begin walking as a routine you need to consult with your physician to be sure that you are healthy to do this. When you get the green light, then you can start by walking three days per week for 15 to 20 minutes and then build up to 30 t0 60 minutes per day every day.

This exercise is the best one for losing weight, you might be able to lose 88 pounds in a year, without dieting, so, get to it!


This is How Much Walking You Really Need to Lose Weight

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