This Incredible Pain Relief Method Is as Simple as Putting a Clothespin On Your Ear


Pain Relief Clothespin On Your Ear

One woman managed to relieve different types of pain by using just a peg. So, we are here today to present you how! All of this is, in fact, a part of reflexology. Reflexology is a medical branch that involves pressing points of the body for relief. This method works really well on the part of the fine area of the ear. This is so due to the fact that the body has a lot of nerve endings.

In fact, by using a peg, you can pressure nerve endings that will aid in eliminating unpleasant pain. The ear is connected to your part of the body through 6 main points and now we will present you all of them.

The Points of the Pain Relief Method

1. Shoulders and Back Pain

The upper part of your ear is connected to the back and shoulders. Just put the peg on this part of the ear and keep it for 60 seconds. This way, you can relieve the tension in the back and get rid of the pain. Do this a couple of times a day.

2. Organs

Under the back-point of the ear is the one point that is connected to your internal organs. This part of the ear is connected to every organ of your body. Just a gentle massage with your fingers will be enough to solve this problem. Nevertheless, if you have such severe pain, then you need to talk with a doctor.

3. Joints

The upper, central part of the ear is connected to the joints. If you press it with a peg, you will be able to relieve joint pain in both wrists and ankles. If you are experiencing chronic pain, then make sure you talk to your doctor.

4. Sinuses and Throat

The lower part of the ear is connected to the paranasal sinuses and throat. Pegs can help immensely when it comes to colds or initial phase of sinusitis.

5. Digestion

Below the sinus-point is the point that is connected to digestion. If you press it, you will be able to relieve stomachache and spasms. Sometimes, this can help to eliminate the pain altogether.

6. Head and Heart

The ear is also connected to the heart and head. You can easily treat headaches and heart problems if you press this point with a peg.

Hence, it is obvious that ear reflexology is quite easy and it might help you immensely. Thus, do not hesitate to try it!


Incredible Pain Relief By Putting a Clothespin On Your Ear For Just 5 Seconds

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