Why Farmed Salmon Is One of the Most Toxic Things You Can Put In Your Body


Farmed Salmon vs wild salmon

For a long time now, doctors, nutritionists, and specialists from all over the world have presented fish as a superfood. In fact, a lot of people do not eat meat or other animal products in order to be healthy, however, they still decide to consume fish. But, there is still something off about this.

The fish contains a lot of essential omega 3’s which are good for the brain. However, fish that is farmed, especially salmon and tilapia can do you more harm than good. In fact, experts claim that farmed Salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world.

What is Wrong With Fish Farms?

Today’s fish farms face many problems. Some of them are overfishing, have chemical pollution and genetic mutation from toxic exposures. Nevertheless, aquaculture usually promotes itself as the perfect solution to overfishing of the world’s oceans. When in fact, fish farms are causing more problems than they are solving. All everyone cares about are profits, and not the environment.

Why is Farmed Salmon One of the Most Toxic Foods in the World?

There is one film ‘Fillet-Oh-Fish’ that is in Norway and it documents all the chemicals that fish farms use. Below the salmon farms of the Norwegian fjords is a layer of waste that is about 15 meters high and it is full of bacteria, drugs, and pesticides. Due to the fact that the farms are in open water then the whole seafloor has been destroyed and the pollution is roaming free. One salmon farm can hold 2 million fish in a small space and due to these terrible conditions disease among the fish is on the rise.

Therefore, in order to keep the diseases away, people use different pesticides and when you eat the fish, you are also eating the pesticides.

Furthermore, Jerome Ruzzin, who is a toxicologist has confirmed these claims. He has discovered that farmed salmon has the most toxins out of all of them. It was, in fact, five times more toxic than other food products. Also, one study about feeding farmed salmon to mice showed that the mice that consumed it became obese and developed diabetes.

So, you should know that the most important source of toxic exposure to the fish is not pesticides and antibiotics, but regular dry pellet food. This contains a lot of other toxic chemicals like dioxins and PCB’s. The list of things being wrong with farmed fish is really long in fact, thus, we recommend you to watch the above-mentioned documentary.

What Can We Do?

You need to stop eating farmed fish immediately! This way you will preserve your health and you will stop this industry from polluting the oceans. If you do not want to stop completely, you can always consume wild Atlantic salmon, Alaskan salmon (not farmed) or pick up a new hobby and fish your own. You can always distinguish the farmed fish by the color, it is pale pink, and the wild one is deep red.

You need to know however that wild salmon can be really expensive, so it would be good to eat sardines and anchovies. Nevertheless, your brain can always get a boost from other foods like walnuts, brussels sprouts, chia, hemp and flax seeds.

Finally, you need to know that it is not worth putting your health in danger just to save some money by buying cheap fish. Make sure the fish you buy is not from farms. This way you will not only stop this industry but you will save your health as well and be a part of the awareness process.




Why Farmed Salmon Is One Of The Most Toxic Things You Can Put In Your Body

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