Apple Seeds and Cancer: What the Government Has Been Hiding from You for Years


Apple Seeds and Cancer

It is only natural that people react with reservation when someone mentions consuming apple seeds, cherry pits, or bitter almonds. This is all due to the fact that there is Cyanide in them. So, the reaction must be okay, right?

This concern is totally understandable. Just google cyanide and the foods mentioned above and you will see many articles that say that there is a danger of it from the seeds and nuts.

Furthermore, some even claim that the body detoxes quickly all the compounds that contain it. Some also say that you will get free cyanide when the body metabolizes the compounds. Others think that it would take a lot of pits, seeds or bitter almonds to actually do damage and poison you.

So, we are here to tell you the full story and this one is about the compound named amygdaline that the cyanide contains.

Seeds, Nuts and Other. Cyanide and Amygdalin- The Complete Story

Many people have tried the apricot seed kernels to treat cancer. They did not, in fact, die due to cyanide poisoning. In fact, they were cured without any side-effects. Why weren’t these people poisoned?

The amygdalin compound has four molecules. Two of those are glucose ones. The other ones are cyanide and benzaldehyde. The last two are scary compounds, apart from some unusual metabolic activities: they are released by and into cancer cells only. Apart from that, they remain in the amygdalin compound and they are passed through.

This is actually extremely clever. This way the cancer cells depend on fermenting sugar for the energy and not oxygen.

Thus, the cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose, however, they are whacked when they metabolize the compounds that free the benzaldehyde and cyanide. The glucose is actually sugar bait. Cancer cells contain an enzyme that cannot be found in healthy cells, and that is the beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme will unlock the amygdalin compound and it will release the deadly toxins in the cancer cells. This is what you have to remember, only cancer cells can metabolize the amygdalin. Healthy normal cells will not. Many non-cancerous cells contain an enzyme named rhodanese. So, free cyanide molecules are bound to sulfur molecules by rhodanese, creating harmless cyanates that get eliminated in the urine.

This is only a part of that knowledge that many articles do not reveal. However, the complete function of the amygdalin is hidden due to the fact that laetrile or B17, which is a concentrated extract from the apricot’s amygdalin, can cure cancer is taboo.

Suppressing a Safe Cancer Cure

Laetrile or B17, was developed by a researcher named Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952. He did it by liquefying and purifying amygdalin from apricot seeds so that it could be injected into cancer patients. He also injected himself to prove its efficacy and he cured several people as well.

However, in 1971 the laetrile was banned. The investigative journalist G. Edward Griffin discovered that the trails of Sloane-Kettering Institute on laetrile were bogus.

The spokesperson Dr. Ralph Moss refused to lie about it and he slipped Griffin some papers that proved that laetrile actually worked. This lead to him writing a book called A World Without Cancer. You can read all about the amygdalin cancer story here in this book.

What we can conclude here is that even though they are not promoted, apricot seeds are not banned. So, you can try curing cancer with them. Just avoid sugar in the meantime!



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