6 Minutes Every Day – Here’s What Happens to Belly Fat


A lot of people usually have the trouble distinguishing between the word core and the word abs. They are really different. Core is a larger term and it involves the abs, glutes (butt), lower back muscles, and hips.

So, if you train your core, you will be able to improve body posture, soothe lower back pain, boost athletic performance and help you prevent injuries.

Therefore, we are here to present you with an exercise plan that will help you keep your body fit and get rid of the belly fat!

Exercises to Help You Get Rid of the Belly Fat

Day 1

The first part is made of 3 exercises and you will need 5 minutes only to do them. If you want more, you can always do them twice.

1. Skyscrapers- 10 Per Side


The skyscrapers are a modification of a plank, but a bit more challenging. Go into a straight-arm plank position and then rotate and go into a side plank. Stack your feet one in front of the other and put your hand up to the sky. Then, back down in the same position and a regular straight arm plank.

2. Windshield Wipers – 10 Per Side

windshield wipers exercise

Doing windshield wipers lying down will build the rotational core strength you need as a foundation. Lie on your back on the floor and raise your legs 90 degrees. Spread your arms straight out to your sides for support. Rotate your legs to one side, stopping short of touching the floor. Rotate to the other side. As you improve, bring your arms closer into your body so they offer less stability.

3. Army Crawls – 36 Steps

army crawls exercise workout

Begin in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists, your feet together, and your body in a straight line. Then, bend your left arm so that it is now in forearm plank position. Next, bend your right arm so you are in a full forearm plank position. Lift your left hand and place it on the mat directly below your shoulder as you push through your palm to lift yourself. As you reach the top, place your right palm on the floor under your right shoulder and push back into a full plank.  Repeat, leading with the right arm.

Day 2

The plan for this seconds day contains in doing 4 challenging moves which will again only take 5 minutes. Do the set one more time if you want the additional challenge.

1. Breakdancer- 15 Per Side

Breakdancer exercise

Bend down so that your hands are on the ground and your feet hip-distance apart. Your shoulders should be stacked over your wrists, your knees bent to 90 degrees, your back flat, and abs engaged. This will be your starting position. Lift one hand off the ground and bring your opposite foot off the floor. Rotate your hips as you bring your leg through kicking it out to the opposite side. Then, rotate your hips back and kick your opposite foot through while switching hand placement on the ground. Repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.

2. Skydiver – Hold for 30 Seconds


First, lie on the floor with your legs extended and your arms out at 90 degrees by your head. Then, pull your body up off the floor and squeeze everything on your backside. Finally, lower your body back down to the starting position and repeat.

3. Dead Bug- 10 Repetitions

Dead Bug exercise fitness

First, lie on your back with your arms extended in front of your shoulders. Then, bend your hips and knees to a 90-degree angle. Next, tighten your abs and press your lower back into the floor. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, slowly extend your left leg toward the floor and bring your right arm overhead.

4. Thread the Needle- 10 Per Side

Thread the Needle exercise

Start on your side on the floor with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder and feet and knees stacked. Lift your hips up into a side plank with your free arm up toward the ceiling. Take your free arm and thread it through the open space underneath you while you rotate your shoulders and hips toward the floor.

Day 3

Perform 4 difficult core exercises on the fourth day in a 6-minute circuit.

1. Crab Kicks Into Superman – 6 Per Side

Crab Kicks Into Superman exercise

Sit on the mat with the knees bent and the feet together and place your hands behind you with your fingers facing backward. Then lift your hips off the mat and kick your right leg up then just go into the superman position. Just raise the hand and legs 4-5 inches off the ground and hold 5 seconds. Finally, turn to the starting position.


2. Star Leg Raise – 10 Per Side

Lie on your back, legs straight and together. Keep your legs straight and lift them all the way up to the ceiling until your butt comes off the floor. Then, slowly lower your legs back down till they’re just above the floor. Hold for a moment. Raise your legs back up. Repeat.


3. Side V-Ups – 10 Per Side

Side V-Ups exercise workout fitness

Lie on your side with your bottom arm laid out beside you and the other arm held beside your head. Then, crunch up towards your hip and raise both legs at the same time contracting your obliques at the top of the motion. Finally, lower both your legs and upper body back down to the floor and repeat.


4. Side – 10 Per Side

Just do small sit-ups while you are turned to the side. That is all.

Good luck!




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